Die Tauben

The Pigeons

(Die Tauben)


4F / 4M

At his firm's Christmas party Robert Bertrand announces his intention to disappear without a trace soon thereafter. Holger Voss is supposed to succeed him as CEO - an absurd choice. Holger is a nervous wreck because he feels his colleagues are mobbing him, particularly Heidrun Reichert. What Holger doesn't know is that Heidrun is being paid by Helmar, Robert's son to systematically sabotage Holger's work. Therefore his paranoia is entirely justified, and he might as well save the money he spends on expensive sessions with psychiatrist Dr. Asendorf. On top of that, Asendorf has an affair with Holger's wife - and Heidrun as well. The chaos seems complete when one day Robert really disappears. During an audit, Holger comes across strange irregularities. Then, out of the blue, Francois appears, Robert's long lost half brother, who is the spitting image of Robert, used to raise carrier pigeons with him and wants to claim his inheritance.

World premiere
06.03.2009 Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin (Director: Marius von Mayenburg)

Czech Holubi (Translator: Barbora Schnelle)
Czech premiere March 2011, Ha Divadlo, Brno (Director: Marian Amsler)
Danish Duerne (Translator: Klaus Hoffmeyer)
Danish premiere 09.2.11 Odense Teater (Director: K. Hoffmeyer)
English The Pigeons (Translator: Maja Zade)
English language premiere October 2010, Griffin Theatre, Sydney
Hebrew (Translator: Eynat Baranovsky)
Israeli premiere 12.04.2011 SELA - The Performing Arts Studio, Tel Aviv (Director: Roy Maliach-Reshef)
Icelandic Dúfurnar (Translator: Hafliði Arngrímsson)
Icelandic premiere 10.4.2010 City Theatre Reykjavik (Director: Kristín Eysteinsdóttir)
Norwegian Brevduene (Translator: Arne Lygre)
Norwegian premiere 11.11.2016 Teatret Vårt, Molde (Director: Nicolai Faber)
Slovak Holuby (Translator: Ľubomír Vajdička)
Slovak premiere 27.05.2017 Mestské divadlo Žilina (Director: Ľubomír Vajdička)
Slovenian Golobi (Translator: Orska P. Cerne)
Slovenian premiere 07.10.2010 Ljubljana City Theatre (Mestno gledalisce ljubljana) (Director: Tijana Zinajic)
Swedish Duvorna (Translator: Christine Bredenkamp)
Swedish premiere 09.4.2010 Theatre Academy Lulea (Director: Sarah Giese)

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