Die Schönheit und das Biest

Beauty and the Beast

(Die Schönheit und das Biest)

Young Audiences

variable casting, min. 3 actors

Age recommendation


The Beast is as ugly as sin, can hardly speak and has a tendency towards colourful attacks of rage. Not exactly the ideal basis for conquering a girl’s heart. Until now, they’ve all fainted instead of falling in love and turning the beast back into its real form. Belle, however, refuses to be intimidated. After all, she has four elder siblings that sometimes make her home life difficult. While the interminable offers of marriage get on her nerves, she finds that could get used to this Beast. Things get difficult, however, when the evil enchantment is lifted, as Belle wants nothing to do with an eloquent show-off.

Written for three actors and using quickly alternating scenes, this play tells of prejudice and self-confidence, courage and kindliness, language and love, beauty and the Beast.

World premiere
22.11.2018 Theater Aalen (Director: Winfried Tobias)

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