Die Oppelts haben ihr Haus verkauft

The Oppelts Sold Their Home

(Die Oppelts haben ihr Haus verkauft)


2F / 2M

A group of people on a quest for meaning has been derailed by the “terrible financial crisis”. Laura Ambrosia Gudmund is a medium whose gaze has a peacemaking effect, and in her séances, she can see the spiritual deficiencies of other people. Too bad that she can’t see any economic relations and connections. How convenient that her son was able to develop her talents into a lucrative business model, and he diligently manages the worldly matters of her “enterprise”. Pia had also planned her life around profit up until now, and that is why she seamlessly switched from her ex-husband Tom to his more successful twin brother Ted. But suddenly, Pia becomes concerned with her spiritual wellbeing, and together with Ted, she moves into the house next door to the Gudmunds. What follows is a hilarious tour de force through different states of higher awareness and futility.

World premiere
06.09.2014 Theater Bielefeld (Director: Christian Schlüter)

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