Der Sprachabschneider

Der Sprachabschneider

Young Audiences

Adapted by Lars Reichow


2F / 2M

Age recommendation


Paula is a dreamer. She can gaze at the clouds for hours. And there are her friends, the pool, jumping on the trampoline: a hundred things more interesting than doing her homework. So she doesn't hesitate when a shifty Gentleman by the name of Vielolog offers to do her homework for a week. He is not asking much in return: just her prepositions and her definite articles - and she'll even get a receipt for them. At first Paula doesn't mind missing the words, as she enjoys the additional free time. And she discovers that there are many other annoying chores that somebody else could do for her. Vielolog readily agrees, for a prize, of course. There go Paula's verbs and initial consonants. Slowly it begins to dawn on Paula that she might have gotten herself into deep trouble. Parents, teachers and friends at first took her truncated way of speaking as a joke, but now they are sick and tired of it. No one wants to talk to her anymore, and she is practically unable to communicate. Fortunately she can confide in her best friend Bruno. Together they challenge Vielolog to a big word duel.

World premiere
25.02.2007 Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Director: Lars Reichow

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