Der letzte Raucher

Der letzte Raucher

Adapted by Kai-Uwe Holsten



At a dinner with his friends, the "Last Smoker" is banished to balcony to consume his cigarettes - only to find that the cheerful circle of nonsmokers has moved on to another bar and left him outside. Equipped with 28 smokes and a case of wine, he settles in for a long night. Through the wafting fumes of tobacco, he sees his past drifting by: How it was when he smoked his first cig, what that infamous after-sex cigarette is about, how every attempt to shake his vice had failed, and how it feels to become more and more ostracized. The later the evening, the fuller his ashtray - and with his dwindling supply, this "Marlboro Cowboy" loses his initial cool. It becomes a tragicomical commitment to the cigarette: sometimes philosophical, sometimes political, sometimes erotic, sometimes nostalgic, often rebellious - and always, naturally, extremely politically incorrect.

World premiere
13.11.2008 Komödie Winterhuder Fährhaus, Hamburg (Director: Kai-Uwe Holsten)

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