Der blaue Würfel

The Blue Cube

(Der blaue Würfel)


4F / 3M

When the Horst family inherits vast sums of money, they invest it in a way they feel sure will bring bounteous dividends. Their plan is say goodbye to their middle class existence, and hello to a new upper class lifestyle. They buy a new house, employ full-time advisers, and even purchase a title of nobility. The Von Horsts want to enjoy their new-found wealth. But then a blue cube appears in their flat, together with Bob, who is obviously from a parallel universe. He looks like a prototypical teenager from the 1980s and scares the daughter of the Von Horst family by telling her of a time when people weren’t tranquillised using pills that also cause repetitive behaviour and hallucinations. The cube becomes a threat to the peaceful idyll of their neighbourhood.

David Gieselmann’s play is a «Quirky satire of a brave new world» (Darmstädter Echo) in which hysteria has become systematised. And the advancing sense of insanity doesn’t stop at the Von Horst’s doorstep.

World premiere
23.04.2017 Theater Heidelberg (Director: Christian Brey)

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