Das grüne Küken

The Little Green Goose

(Das grüne Küken)

Young Audiences

variable casting, min. vier actors

Age recommendation


Elvis, the gander, wants nothing more than a baby. One day Fritz, the barnyard dog, finds an egg buried deep in the middle of the forest. It doesn't seem really fresh and is a bit smelly, but Elvis grabs his big chance: he sits on it until it hatches. The hatchling bears little resemblance with a baby chick. Goessel, as Elvis calls him lovingly, is just too voracious, too big and most importantly, too green. All this is no problem for the overjoyed goose dad - but it is for the chickens, when he parades his kid. And the fact that Goessel occasionally spits a little fire, doesn't exactly reassure them either. Nobody has ever seen a green chick like this before. No way the white gander is his "real mom"! Goaded on by the gaggle, Goessel takes Elvis to task who should have thought of a good explanation beforehand, as now, before Elvis knows it, Goessel takes off on his own to search for his true mother and disappears into the forest, all by himself... Based on the picture book with the same title by Adele Sansone (published in English by North-South / Night Sky Books), The Little Green Goose sensitively and often humorously talks about being different, about belonging, and about what constitutes a family.

World premiere
20.09.2008 Theater Katerland, Winterthur (Director: Andrea Schulthess)

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