Alles ist gut

Everything is Fine

(Alles ist gut)

Adaptation rights

variable casting, ca. 3F / 3M

When Janne meets Martin at a party the two hit it off and end up drinking a bit too much. Because Martin can’t make it home, Janne offers him her sofa. Martin misreads the situation and wants sex. Janne says no. Amusedly, at first, then more and more emphatically and incredulously, but still Martin rapes her, and the morning after Janne tries to get on with her life. She is determined not to be a victim, to retain power over the significance of the event and control how to interpret it. She stays silent about what happened, even to her boyfriend and her mother. When she meets Martin again, he seems horrified about his behaviour and apologises to her; Janne coolly mirrors his behaviour. But somehow small changes creep into Janne’s life. It becomes clear that nothing is as it was.

«A gripping drama about suppression and female assertiveness.» (Der Spiegel)

«Eva Trobisch succeeds in an unexpected and impressive way in depicting sexual assault and its consequences without distorting our perspective on it through projection or prejudices.» (Die Zeit)

«It seemed unlikely that a German film would provide the best commentary on #MeToo. Every single sentence in this film is on point.» (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

»Everything is Fine is exceptional in the context of a debate in which many people are quick to jump in with their opinions about who is guilty of what and how people should behave. This is exactly the kind of black/white thinking eschewed by Eva Trobisch. Instead, she wants to explore the complex grey area in which these kinds of events are probably often processed and which defy easy categorisation or pigeon-holing.» (Süddeutsche Zeitung)