Erika Mann

Erika Mann (born in 1905 in Munich, died in 1969 in Zurich) first worked as an actress and journalist. In early 1933, she founded the cabaret Die Pfeffermühle in Munich. Just weeks afterwards, she left for exile with the whole troupe. From 1936, she lived mostly in the USA and worked as a lecturer and journalist. During the Second World War, she worked on the BBC’s German programmes and was a war correspondent for the Allies. In 1952, she returned to Germany with her parents.
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Portrait von Erika Mann

Plays represented by Rowohlt Theater Verlag

  • Jans Wunderhündchen

    3F / 6M, for ages 6 +
    • U: 1932 in Darmstadt
  • Plagiat

    5F / 11M, Minimum cast 3F - 6M
  • Stoffel fliegt übers Meer

    Bearbeitet von Tristan Berger und Anna Wenzel
    2F / 3M, for ages 8 +
    • U: 13.06.2006 Theater an der Parkaue, Berlin (Regie: Susanne Sachsse)