Holger Schober

Holger Schober was born 1976 in Graz. He studied acting at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna and subsequently began his training in cultural management. Holger Schober is an author, actor, and director. He has been writing plays and screenplays since 1997. In 2000, he co-founded, with Dana Csapo, the Theater Kinetis, and starting in 2005, they both became part of the artistic directors’ team of the Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße in Vienna. Between 2009 and 2011, Schober managed and directed the theatre for young audiences at the Landestheater Linz.
In 2006, his play Hikikomori earned him a nomination for the German Youth Theater Award (Deutscher Jugendtheaterpreis). Clyde and Bonnie was awarded the Austrian Youth Theatre Prize Stella in 2009. In 2010, Holger Schober received the runner-up award of the Dutch-German children’s and youth theatre festival, Kaas & Kappes, for his play Heimat.com.

Portrait von Holger Schober

Plays represented by Rowohlt Theater Verlag

  • Auschwitz meine Liebe

    • U: 19.01.2018 Badische Landesbühne Bruchsal (Regie: Joerg Bitterich)
  • Clyde und Bonnie

    1F / 1M
  • Clyde und Bonnie 2

    1F / 1M
    • U: Oktober 2012 Koproduktion Dschungel Wien / Theaterland Steiermark
  • Du bist dabei!

    1F / 1M, for ages 12 +
    • U: 08.11.2011 Deutsches Theater Berlin (Regie: Dominik Günther)
  • Dunkles Land

    2F / 3M, for ages 14 +
    • U: 16.09.2012, Comedia Theater, Köln (Regie: Christopher Haninger)
  • Feiert, Facebooked, Folgt!

    2F / 2M, for ages 14 +
    • U: 01.03.2012 Stadttheater Bremerhaven (Regie: Kevin E. Osenau)
  • Heimat.com

    2F / 1M,
  • Hikikomori

    • U: 19.01.2006 Theater an der Gunnpendorfer Straße, Wien
  • Ich komma saufen

  • Odysseus am Strand

    1M, for ages 8 +
  • Otaku

    1F / 2M, for ages 14 +
    • U: 03.05.2010 Dschungel, Wien (R: Christian Strasser)
  • Roma Romeo und Sinti Carmen

    Roma Romeo and Sinti Carmen
    1F / 1M, for ages 12 +
    • U: 21.09.2013 Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe(Regie: Timo Krstin)
  • Schwarze Milch

    1F / 2M, for ages 14 +
    • U: 11.03.2011 Comedia Junges Theater, Köln (Regie: Ulrike Stöck)
  • Superman ist tot

    [Superman is dead]
    1F / 1M, for ages 14 +
    • U: 11.11.2010 Theater Heilbronn (Regie: Dominik Günther)
  • Und sie bewegt sich doch!

    3F / 3M, for ages 12 +
    • U: 23.02.2011 Theater Heidelberg (Regie: Dominik Günther)