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Olga and Arthur are a couple and have been for quite some time. When Arthur’s father is shot in Budapest in the middle of the street, he flies there to identify the body and returns in a state of deep dissatisfaction, which he himself finds hard to explain. To find peace, Arthur settles in his father’s house with Otto, who is apparently an old friend of his father’s. After an unsuccessful attempt to get Arthur to return, Olga promptly replaces him with a lover. When Otto disappears without a trace, Arthur loses his newly regained balance again. Together with Olga, he sets off to look for him. Their journey together leads to a world which becomes more and more unreal, manipulable and purchasable, where no one can rely on anyone or anything, not even the most trusted faces.

The play has been translated into:
Czech: Remeslo Spanish: La conspiración

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha (born in 1976 in Wiesbaden) studied Dramaturgy in Leipzig and worked as an assistant director. In 2002 she received the renowned Kleist-Förderpreis for young dramatists for her play Autofahren in Deutschland. Her play Nomaden was ...

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U: 27.11.2005 Theater der Stadt Heidelberg (Regie: Anna Bergmann)