Tod eines Jägers


A literary fiction about Ernest Hemingway’s last hours before committing suicide. “The fate of this great author motivated me to portray the ultimate futility we are all cursed and ‘blessed’ with, this ‘courage through fear’ from which only fear remains.” (Hochhuth)

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Rolf Hochhuth

Rolf Hochhuth

was born in 1931 in Eschwege, and was working as a publishing editor when, on a trip to Rome, he started conceptual work on his first play, Der Stellvertreter (The Deputy). Staged for the first time in 1963 by Erwin Piscator in Berlin, the piece ...

Plays by Rolf Hochhuth

U: 11.8.1977 Salzburger Festspiele (R: Ernst Haeussermann)