[Radetzky March]
Bearbeitet von Koen Tachelet
1F / 8M

Joseph Roth’s literary requiem creates a panorama of characters who all seem to know of the impending downfall of their cosmos. The rise and fall of a family mirrors the last decades of an epoch brilliantly described by Roth for, among other things, its European spirit. In his eyes it was a utopia that he defended until the end of his life.
»Koen Tachelet’s version honours Roth’s masterpiece in a focussed and productively fragmented way.« (Tiroler Tageszeitung)
»A cleverly re-worked elegy to the Habsburg monarchy and its personnel, a melancholic and mournful ballad on the values and times of a bygone era.« (Kurier)

Joseph Roth

Joseph Roth

Plays by Joseph Roth

U: 14.12.2017 Burgtheater Wien (Regie: Johan Simons)