Bleib kurz dran!

[Hang On A Minute]

Georg is successful, married and well organised, and on his way to a job interview. When the traffic jam in front of him gets worse and his satnav continually suggests new routes, Georg’s stress levels rise. Meetings need to be organised, emergencies to be managed, crises to be headed off. And although he has taken the day off, his current employer demands to see him at the office immediately. A flood of phone calls, text messages, voicemails and radio traffic announcements threatens to overwhelm Georg. Yet he clings to the belief that he can succeed, that it’s all down to his own skills and resolve.

Thilo Reffert’s one-act play projects an experience of modern life as acute and inescapable in which even the final crash is merely the prelude to the next round.

Thilo Reffert

Thilo Reffert

born 1970 in Magdeburg, writes theatre plays, audio plays, and novels. His audio plays received, among others, the most prestigious award Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden (2010 for Die Sicherheit einer geschlossenen Fahrgastzelle) and the Deutscher ...

Plays by Thilo Reffert

U: 23.02.2018 Theater Vorpommern, Greifswald (Regie: Oliver Lisewski)