How to Sell a Murder House

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Standing empty and available to rent, this remote villa was allegedly once the scene of a murder. Now a deathly silence inhabits the walls, interrupted only by the quiet footfalls of woodland animals outside. Now and again a distant roar is heard: the sound of a society nearing its destruction. The house becomes the refuge of four different men on four different occasions. A mid-level manager wants to escape from the catastrophe of a market in free-fall. An average Joe struggles with the shame of having bought sex. An insecure father seeks sanctuary from his politically correct daughter. A nerd plans to transform himself into a gender-neutral cyborg, despite an unreliable electricity supply. Each becomes belatedly aware that this supposed safe house is nothing but a trap they have set for themselves, and that some tough women have had a role to play.
In How to Sell a Murder House, Sibylle Berg utilises discordant fragments from horror films and ghost stories, moulding them into a perfidious study of masculinity in crisis.

Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg

Sibylle Berg was born in 1968 in Weimar and lives in Zurich. She has published numerous novels and plays, and her work has been translated into 30 languages.

Her plays Ein paar Leute suchen das Glück und lachen sich tot (2000, based on her novel ...

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