nach Carlo Collodi
for ages 6 +

Fairy Godmother-in-training Franca has not exactly been a stellar student throughout her education. Her only chance to pass the final exams is: Make a human being happy. Luckily, she comes across the poor joiner Geppetto – isn't he desperately in need of a child that could lend him a hand? Franca does her magic the best she can, but to no avail. Only after she leaves Geppetto’s cabin in frustration, a wooden puppet lying in a corner begins to move: Pinocchio is alive! But there is not a lot of time that father and son can spend together. As soon as he is supposed to go to school the next day, Pinocchio goes astray, and although he tries his hardest to make it back home, he slips from one misfortune to the next. At least he is not all alone: A woodworm from Geppetto’s workshop keeps him company (and on occasion trims the nose that grows from lying), and in his darkest hour, Franca reappears. But only when Geppetto urgently needs his help does Pinocchio realize that even a boy made from wood has his special qualities.

Thilo Reffert

Thilo Reffert

born 1970 in Magdeburg, writes theatre plays, audio plays, and novels. His audio plays received, among others, the most prestigious award Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden (2010 for Die Sicherheit einer geschlossenen Fahrgastzelle) and the Deutscher ...

Plays by Thilo Reffert

U: 22.11.2014 Theater Koblenz (Regie: Astrid Griesbach)