Mein Jahr in Trallalabad

My Year in Trallalabad
1F / 2M, for ages 6 +

Emilia is excited: She will move abroad with her parents, for an entire year. But where exactly, she simply cannot remember. Muvistan, or something like that, maybe? And her friends Linus and Renzo suggest the name of the capital city for her: Trallalabad. On the one hand, Emilia is looking forward to this, but on the other, a trip like that is pretty scary, especially when you have to leave your best friends behind. Linus, in particular, doesn’t make it easy for Emilia to say goodbye: Do they really not celebrate Christmas in Muvistan? Do they have venomous leeches in their water pipes, eat flamingos and contract deadly diseases? Renzo, on the other hand, thinks it is not going to be so bad – but if Emilia doesn’t want to come along, could he go instead? Her parents would never notice, working all the time, as they do … Luckily, Emilia is quite clear about how confident she is. She already has been vaccinated against deadly diseases, and the Goofball Festival in Muvistan is world-famous after all. And when Emilia gets separated from her parents in the chaos of departure, Renzo and Linus are exactly the kind of friends she needs to enter this adventure happily, after all.
My Year in Trallalabad is a play about departure and goodbye, about sticking together and letting go. It is about longing and courage, and of course about friendship – and what matters.

Thilo Reffert

Thilo Reffert

born 1970 in Magdeburg, writes theatre plays, audio plays, and novels. His audio plays received, among others, the most prestigious award Hörspielpreis der Kriegsblinden (2010 for Die Sicherheit einer geschlossenen Fahrgastzelle) and the Deutscher ...

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U: 07.12.2013 Landestheater Tübingen (Regie: Marion Schneider-Bast)