Herr Schuster kauft eine Straße

(Do Not Pass Go)
4F / 1M4F – 1M

A ”liberal leftist’s” garden. Mr. Schuster, his wife, her sister, the mother-in-law, and the new au pair, await the arrival of one final guest. Until then, they kill time by playing monopoly – a game whose point it is to “drive others into insolvency”, as the sharp-witted, politically active mother-in-law remarks. But insolvency begins, even before first roll of the dice. The younger generation’s perfect world (row house, kids, well-paying jobs) had always seemed suspect to the mother-in-law – has civil disobedience completely been extinct? All the while, her daughters dread the memories of their childhood (communes, protest marches, no-nukes posters). Another principled debate about morals and ideals seems unavoidable. While there is a frightening rustle in the bushes, Mr. Schuster develops his own apocalyptic scenarios in his head. He becomes his own spectator, surrounded by three bickering women - and a silent fourth one, the au pair, who questions his existence in a totally unforeseen way …
Do Not Pass Go is a multi-layered comedy of manners, where Alan Ayckbourn meets David Lynch meets Stephen King.

The play has been translated into English

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha (born in 1976 in Wiesbaden) studied Dramaturgy in Leipzig and worked as an assistant director. In 2002 she received the renowned Kleist-Förderpreis for young dramatists for her play Autofahren in Deutschland. Her play Nomaden was ...

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U: 25.09.2010 Nationaltheater Mannheim (Regie: Mirja Biel in Zusammenarbeit mit Joerg Zboralski)