[Private Life]
2F / 3M

Lutz has done away with having a private life. There was never much going on anyway, so all that spare energy can be invested in more lucrative ways. Whatever that might be, because on a professional level he has not much of a career either. Karla's career, on the other hand, is definitely being slowed down by too much going on in her private life. Even though it is really not realistic to think that Rainer, her boss with whom she has been having an affair for years, would leave his wife for her. She is arguing with him right now, on her mobile phone, in a crowded train, where Lutz and she cross paths. By coincidence, they are both getting off at the same station, and, after a little too much wine, they end up spending the night in Lutz' hotel room - possibly just by mistake. But how Lutz ends up lying unconsciously in the garden of his future father-in-law, as Karla, his future wife, leans anxiously over him, is a mystery to both ...

This play has been translated into:
Czech: Soukromý Život
French: Vie privée
Slovenian: Zasebno zivljenje
Spanish: Vida privada

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha

Ulrike Syha (born in 1976 in Wiesbaden) studied Dramaturgy in Leipzig and worked as an assistant director. In 2002 she received the renowned Kleist-Förderpreis for young dramatists for her play Autofahren in Deutschland. Her play Nomaden was ...

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U: 04.10.2008 Theater Chemnitz (Regie: Dieter Boyer)